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Keep It Up For Miss Hybrid Miss FreeOnes 2014

keep it up for Miss Hybrid

Keep It Up For Miss Hybrid Miss FreeOnes 2014

It’s time for your daily stuffing of Miss Hybrid’s box, the Miss FreeOnes competition is underway and Miss Hybrid needs your vote.

Voting is easy just follow the steps below and remember to vote every day.

Step 1. If you don’t already have a FreeOnes account go to and set up an account, read the instructions it’s quick and easy, members votes are worth a minimum of 4 x non members votes.

Step 2. Follow the links here to visit Miss Hybrid’s personal FreeOnes page and click the circle for vote “Miss Freeones” in the panel on the right hand side of the screen. (If using a mobile scroll to the bottom of the screen and switch “mobile view” to “off”.

Step 3. Repeat daily.

My Vote Miss Hybrid Miss FreeOnes YouTube Video prepared by my friend @DJ_XXXavier

And a little photo reminder of how to vote with the link to my voting page below.

keep it up for Miss Hybrid Miss Freeones 2014

Please click here for the FreeOnes voting page and vote for Miss Hybrid in the “Miss Freeones” category.