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English MILF fucked In Leather Thigh boots

Miss Hybrid English MILF fucked

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English MILF fucked in leather thigh boots

Do you invite members to participate in your games mistress?

I have an idea and it goes like this……………….I want to see an English MILF fucked

You are dressed in a secretarial outfit with suit jacket – white
blouse – calf length boots, with your hair up, glasses and lovely
black tights.
The camera surveys an empty room and you enter through the door.
You say you are hear to take dictation for the letter which needs to go out.
You sit opposite me on a chair, lean forward to show your cleavage and
begin taking notes….out of the blue you ask if I am looking down
your cleavage and call me a naughty boy for taking advantage of the

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Miss Hybrid English MILF fucked in thigh boots

You ask if I would like to see more and sit back in your chair and
begin unbuttoning your blouse to show your bra!!
You call me a naughty boy again and ask if I would like to see your breasts!!
You pop your breasts over the top of your bra – lick your fingers and
begin to play with your nipples making them nice and erect – you ask
if I like and say I have such lovely breasts don’t I?
You run your hands down your body and down your thighs to the hem of
your skirt which you’re slowly begin to pull up revealing more and more
of your lovely nylon covered legs………I’ve noticed you looking at
my legs in the office – you like them don’t you – you say.
You play with your legs teasingly pulling your skirt higher and higher
revealing more and more of them………….
Until after a couple of minutes your skirt is up around your hips.
You have your legs firmly together – you place your hands on your
knees and slowly, tantalisingly open your legs to reveal the crotch of
You smile into the camera and tease me saying do you like? Is this
what you’ve been wishing for, to see an English MILF fucked
You have a pair of black tights on with sheer crotch there is no
gusset, so I can clearly see you pussy through your tights –

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English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose And Thigh Boots

English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose and boots

Miss Hybrid video, being fucked in pantyhose

English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose

English MILF Miss Hybrid Fucked In Pantyhose

I let my gaze linger on the lovely sight and notice you have a white
cord hanging out of you pussy leading up to a control box tucked into
the waistband of your tights.
You say you couldn’t resist and you sometimes use it from time to time.
You run your hands over your pussy through your pantyhose and gently rub
your pussy through them – you tell me you have a love egg inserted in
your pussy and you put it in especially today to tease you through our
You spread your English MILF pussy lips through your tights which looks great,
spreading yourself wide asking if I would like to taste you and how
great the egg feels inside you……

Miss Hybrid English MILF

English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose

After a few minutes of playing like this, you run your hand up to the
waistband of your tights and slide your hand underneath to play with
yourself some more – all the while your tights are firmly on………
You pull up your tights and move your other hand underneath the
waistband – you pull on the cord which is attached to the vibrating
love egg and slowly begin to pull it out of your pussy…….as it
emerges from you the vibrating sound increases until it is completely
out of you.
You hold it in one of your hands and rub it against your clit enjoying
the sensations and emitting a little moan of delight………..
After a while you bring the egg out of your tights and dangle it above
your mouth – you strain your neck up to flick and lick the egg with
your tongue tasting yourself!
You’ve got a surprise – you ask – underneath the chair?
You reach underneath the chair and smile as you bring into view a
white 8 inch vibrator!!
You dirty, kinky naughty bastard – you say – whatever should an English MILF do with this?
You take the vibrator into your mouth and lick it up and down.
Spitting on the end to make it nice and wet.
You run it down your body and turn it on, so it is vibrating – you
play with your nipples with it and after finally spitting on it then
run it down to your pussy and begin to play with your self!!
You run your free hand under your tights waistband and open your pussy
lips – you then run the vibrating toy over your tights and spread wide
You begin to probe your pussy with the tip of vibrator – slowly
inserting it into your pussy through your tights….inserting more and
more of it through your tights.
Until you have half of it inside you and you begin to move it in and
out as you play with yourself.
You withdraw your hand from inside the tights and reach down to your
side with a bottle of white lotion held in it.
You open the bottle and whilst still moving the vibrator in and out of
your pussy – you upend the bottle and squeeze lotion down the length
of the toy which oozes down it’s length onto your nylon covered
pussy….this helps lubricate the toy in and out of you and by now you
are giving out low moans of enjoyment – saying how you wish it was my
cock inside you…..!!
You slowly remove the toy from your pussy and I savour the view of
your damp tights crotch all nice and sticky from the lotion and your
You place the toy by your side and run both your hands under the
waistband of your tights and insert the index finger from both your
hands into your pussy – and pull your pussy wide – so I get a lovely
view of your gaping pussy through you tights – you play with yourself
like that for a while drivin me wild with the view of you spreading
yourself as wide as you can – through the tights it looks fantastic!!
You take your toy in hand again – run that underneath the waistband
and slide it into your moist pussy – it is held in place by your
tights – like your own little cock through your tights.
You turn the vibrator on high and pull your hands out of your
tights….you sit back in the chair and pull on the waistband of your
tights……..pulling your waistband and releasing it – moving the toy
in and out of you faster and faster – your moans increasing with every
thrust – talking very naughtily telling me how good it feels and
calling me all the names under the sun for making you do this!!!
Your moans and chat increases as you drive your self to nice, sticky
and loud orgasm!!!!
You subside and remove the vibrator from your pussy.
As a parting gesture you open your pussy with both your hands through
your tights – so I can see the sticky mess you have made of your
tights and your lovely juicy satisfied pussy!!!

English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose

Miss Hybrid English MILF leather thigh boots

English MILF Fucked In Pantyhose and thigh boots

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Miss Hybrid Leather Thigh Boots Outdoors

Miss Hybrid Leather, thigh boots, femdom, domination, outdoors, gloves

Hot Brunette Miss Hybrid Movie In Pantyhose And Black Leather

Miss Hybrid Leather
Watch as Miss Hybrid wearing Leather, walks down her driveway, wearing her leather jacket and nothing but her pantyhose and her leather boots. It looks like she’s out again in search for her next victim.

Feeling playful she decides to perform a pussywalk outdoors wearing her Miss Hybrid Leather Thigh boots. She start off demurely dressed in a velvet two piece and end up in just seamed pantyhose and leather thigh boots. Then she walks up and down her drive, the Autumn leaves are blowing across the road as she slowly removes her clothing. Miss Hybrid carries a riding crop in her leather gloved hand, just incase there are any naughty submissive men unfortunate enough to cross mistresses path. I wonder if she will get wet boots!

Miss Hybrid enjoys the freedom of being undressed outdoors and loves the feel of leather against her skin. She often walks around the ground completely naked, but now that the Autumn is here the leather provides some comfort from the elements. Many a slave has been fortunate enough to be allowed to watch her as she struts in her leather thigh boots outdoors. If they are lucky, they may even have received a thigh booted kick in the balls from their Mistress, Miss Hybrid. How would you measure, do you think that you could manage to please Mistress?

Mistress Hybrid and her Miss Hybrid Leather Thigh boots can do as she wishes. So many try to copy, but only the real English Lady, Miss Hybrid can get away with behaving like this. Miss Hybrid slowly removes her clothes until she squats down, right in front of the camera for a surprise ending!

Miss Hybrid Leather wearing thigh boot and gloves

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